The May Training Plan

Alright. So you’re gonna do a cross country skiing equivalent of a half-marathon, how are you going to train? If you’re like me, you would end up Googling training plans and then you would get overwhelmed by all of the information that’s out there. Then I remembered an important tenant when starting anything: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). I’m looking to finish the Kortelopet; I’m not an elite skier … yet. What do I need to focus on the most?

  1. Cutting weight so there’s less of me to ski up those darn hills (I’m looking at you B-Hill)
  2. Building upper body strength and core strength to help push me up those darn hills.
  3. Boosting my aerobic threshold and endurance so I get less tired and can last longer with an elevated heart rate.

So what did I decide to do?
Keep in mind that I’m not a physical trainer. I’m just an amateur with a dream and access to the Birkie training plan.

  • Bike at least 4 days per week (which I need to do to meet my 2020 biking goal anyway)
  • Devote at least two days to “cross train” which means either running or hiking
  • Add in the beginner bodyweight circuit workout from Nerdfitness on my cross training days and my rest day
  • Monitor physical health and mental health and adjust when necessary to prevent injury or overtraining
  • Eat at a calorie deficit to maintain 1lb to 1.5lb per week weight loss

Since the training plan that the Birkie has available on their website doesn’t start until June, I figured that making my own training plan for May would help me since I have a long way to go before I feel ready for the Kortelopet in February 2021.

Let’s do this!

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