Stronger Every Day — (May Recap)

Almost a full month has passed since I signed up and started training for the Kortelopet. In that time, I’ve accomplished the following quantitative things:
(Teachers call this the “summative” assessment).

  • Biked 222 total miles (421 miles from Jan – May)
  • Ran 11.54 total miles
  • Walked an average of 9, 489 steps per day
  • Lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks (254.6 to 246.6)
  • I’ve averaged 7-8 hours of sleep each night (before COVID I was getting 5-6 at most. Thanks COVID!)
  • Biked 30 miles in one session

I’ve also accomplished the following qualitative things:
(Teachers call this the “formative” assessment).

  • I have improved my lunge form and now I can do three sets of 10 with good form
  • I have added in tricep curls with a resistance band to my bodyweight workouts
  • I don’t feel as sore or tired after biking, running, ect.
  • I am starting to see muscle definition in my biceps. I’m really starting to feel muscles in my quads, glutes, hamstrings, calfs, and shoulders.
  • I’ve stuck with a training and nutrition plan and made alternate training accommodations when appropriate (less “black and white”/”perfectionist” thinking)
(Cue “Rocky Theme”)

If you’ve taken the time to read and follow my journey so far, I humbly thank you for the likes, follows, and encouraging comments. I’m a private person and making certain things about myself public is a vulnerable and scary experience.

Blogging my couch to 29K journey has kept me accountable and it has also helped me feel connected to others in this age of social-distancing. Also, if you feel like what I have to say is interesting or inspiring to others feel free to share this blog. If I get enough traction, I hope that this blog can help other beginner athletes as they train for the Kortelopet, Birkie, or even a non-skiing race or other athletic event.

Thanks again for all of your support! I’m off to my LBS to look (and hopefully try out) new bike saddles.

Today’s Plan: Bodyweight workout (complete) and Hiking on the Ice Age trail.

Tomorrow’s Plan: LSD bike ride — fingers crossed!! Otherwise a 4 mile LSD run.

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