July Mini Biking Update

I’m working on a longer post about non-biking stuff, but I wanted to leave a quick biking update now that July is almost over.

Overarching Goal: Bike 2,100 miles by December 31st 2020

Current Progress: 790 miles out of 2,100

Optional Goals:

  • Bike from St. Croix Falls, Wi to Siren, Wi (one way)
  • Bike from St. Croix Falls, Wi to Frederick, Wi (both ways)
  • Bike a metric century of 100 kilometers
  • Bike an imperial century of 100 miles
  • Bike an imperial half-century of 50 miles (complete)
  • Bike a metric half-century of 50 kilometers (complete)
  • Bike on 5 new trails other than the Gandy Dancer (Complete)
    • Stower Seven Lakes Trail in Amery, Wi
    • Hardwood Creek Trail in Hugo/Forest Lake, MN
    • Sunrise Prairie Trail in Wyoming/Stacy/North Branch, MN
    • Rice Lake Trail in Maple Grove, MN
    • Medicine Lake Regional Trail in Maple Grove, MN
    • To be completed August 14th — Elroy-Sparta Trail in Sparta, Wi

I’m a little concerned that half of the year is over but I’m only 37% complete with my goal. Between COVID closing my gym from March through May and my bike seat kerfuffle in June which put me out of commission for 3 weeks, I’m trying to be gracious and patient with myself. I’m not saying all is lost. I’ve done the math. If I can bike an average of 275 miles per month in August, September AND October (weather depending) then I’d only have to bike 210 miles from November through December on a stationary bike in the gym. I think 275 is a good average to shoot for since it’s only Monday and my July average is at 266 as of today.

All is not lost!

In terms of Kortelopet training, I’m feeling pretty good despite the likelihood that the Kortelopet will probably be a “virtual” race (whatever that may look like).

I mean … not getting to cross Hayward’s Main Street to receive the cheers and accolades from 10, 000+ people is going to suck big time, but it is what it is. Peoples’ health comes first. Just because the Kortelopet and the Birkie will look different this year doesn’t mean I’m going to stop training because it’s not a “real” race.

Real is a matter of perspective and the true measure of achievement is doing something for yourself when nobody else is watching.

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