The Journey

Healing to the Third Power

As a depressive-brained person, finding happiness has been an ever illusive quest. I am happiest when I can be in nature, whether that is fishing on the Chippewa Flowage or writing a blog post in a hammock that you attached to your old childhood swing set frame.

Gotta Ski Ski Ski

I’ve been pretty focused on my ski training in preparation for my virtual Korteloppet in a month (*gulp*). (Future Ashley here — I started this blog post a month ago. The virtual Korte is actually tomorrow Friday, Feb. 26th — *double gulp!*) I look at skiing the same way that I looked at biking whenContinue reading “Gotta Ski Ski Ski”

Reflecting on September

September was a challenging month for me. With school starting back up again, there were a lot of unknowns about everything. How would the kids handle the new mask mandate? How the hell am I suppose to teach five days a week in person while also offer the same quality of education to 40% ofContinue reading “Reflecting on September”

Adventures on The Elroy-Sparta Trail and Hitting the 1,000 Mile Mark

“Utter darkness is as much a part of the scenery along the Elroy-Sparta State Trail as the views of the rolling hills and farmland.  That’s because visitors pass through three hand-dug railroad tunnels on their 33 mile journey from Sparta to Elroy on what is widely acknowledged to be the oldest rail-trial conversion in theContinue reading “Adventures on The Elroy-Sparta Trail and Hitting the 1,000 Mile Mark”


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